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Age management for everybody

Qi by Ageback is a platform which provides a comprehensive “Age Management” package to our clients.

We aim to provide cutting edge testing and preventive healthcare services at reachable costs to masses. 

The “Qi by Ageback” Method

At Ageback we combine telomere, microbiome, epigenetics and inflammation data to understand how you are ageing at the molecular level

We Measure

We start by making a holistic picture of your current state of health

We have a holistic approach to health.
Our approach involves understanding the environmental effect on your health and ageing. Ageback looks at Telomere lenght, gut microbiome, biochemistry of the body through comprehensive blood test and few methylation of DNA associated with ageing and diseases.

We Interpret

Our propriatry AI comes into play

Our AI-backed systems then analyze your test results. We use our unique advanced algorithms to analyze your current test results. Our scenario analyses examine high-level relationships between your health parameters to see beyond the present-day results. We not only look at the snapshot of your health today, but our interpretations involve your future. A unique “Age Management” report is created, and it is interpreted by a Scientific Advisory Board.

We mentor

Best specialists in class

Using the “Age Management” report, we provide you with feedback on how you can enhance your health and life. Our feedback reflects our holistic approach to healthcare. We share advice for your diet and lifestyle; and the best practices to make your life better. Our aim is not only to observe your aging process but also to help reverse it in some cases

We monitor

You will never walk alone

Your data are entered into our “Healthboard ®” database and your “Ageback Score” is generated. Your “Ageback Score” is an individualized concept for your aging. Your test results, your report and Ageback Score is at your reach whenever you want. Whenever you have new tests, we update your scores with changes in your results. Your health is continuously monitored 

A comprehensive mobile app

Ageback constantly updates data, re-evaluates your parameters and adjusts your score to create an
ongoing awareness

Our standard analysis includes known genetic markers in about 3,000 disease-associated genes. Because we offer complete coverage of all human genes, we also screen every gene for any novel or known variant. This makes the test the most complete, accurate and reliable genetic test currently on the market, focusing on Ageing and Age- related diseases 

Aging Risk Report, a holistic picture of your current state of health

 HealthBoard® by Ageback

Our patented AI watchdog factors in millions of combinations for targeted therapy and medicine.

What do we measure ?

Telomere Testing: Our chromosomes have protective capping structures called telomeres. These caps are shortened with each cell division are therefore markers of our biological age. The shortened telomeres can no longer protect genomic information, and this can lead to the development of various diseases such as cancer.

Hence, telomeres are important regulators of cellular health and aging. Besides the internal mechanisms regulating telomere length, nutrition and lifestyle can also influence telomeres. For example, plant ingredients (especially polyphenols from green tea) and sufficient physical activity have shown a positive effect on telomere length. On the other hand, research shows that alcohol and smoking can have a negative effect.

Epigenetic Testing: Of epigenetic mechanisms, DNA methylation has been the most studied, due to the relative ease of measurement. The most common and probably functionally important methylation of DNA occurs to cytosine nucleotides adjacent to guanine (CpGs). It appears that the CpGs clusters of CpG repeats, located upstream of gene promoters, are the most consistently linked to changes in gene expression. Hypermethylation leads to gene silencing through a complex cascade. Epigenetic alteration of gene expression is the main mechanism of tissue differentiation and also in the process of ageing and age-related diseases. Reversing the changes helps to slow or reverse ageing.

Microbiome Testing: The gut microbiota’s changes during aging process. Composition of the intestinal flora can affect the rate of aging. The age-dependent relationship between host and gut microbiota is influenced by many factors, such as age-related lifestyle changes, inflammation. Evidence suggests that changes in gut flora predict the lifespan of humans. Studies have shown that the composition of young people and 70-year-olds relatively similar, but the difference between centenarians is quite obvious. Among centenarians, the major changes in gut flora are characterized by the reconstruction of Firmicutes population and enrichment in Proteobacteria. This phenomenon is mainly associated with an increase in the inflammatory status of the centenarians, such as an increase in a range of inflammatory markers. 

Inflammation Control: Inflammation is now understood to be at the center of a wide range of conditions, from heart disease

and hypertension to obesity and diabetes, from Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism to depression, cancer  and arthritis.

There might be a single inflammation remedy that would prevent all and Ageback can offer that for you.  Inflammation is now understood to be at the center of a wide range of conditions, from heart disease and hypertension to obesity and diabetes, from Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism to depression, cancer and arthritis. 

Blood Panel Test:  We test including but not limited to; Vitamin Profile – Broad spectrum of Vitamin and nutrient blood test

 Hormone profile – Blood based hormone detection

 Kidney Profile – Blood based test to check kidney function

 Liver Profile – Blood based test to check functioning of liver

 Thyroid Profile – Blood based test for thyroid functioning check

 Lipid Profile –Snapshot of cholesterol and triglycerides in blood

 Electrolytes- Salts and minerals in blood

Nutrition Control: A healthy diet is believed to have a major influence on both the development and prevention of age-related disease. Most plant derived dietary phytochemicals and macro and micronutrients modulate oxidative stress, inflammatory signaling and regulate metabolic pathways and bioenergetics that can be translated into stable epigenetic patterns of gene expression.

Diet intervention designed for healthy aging have revealed that complex interactions between food components, histone modifications, DNA methylation, non-coding RNA expression and chromatin remodeling factors influence the inflamaging phenotype and as such may protect or predispose an individual to chronic disease and “inflamaging”.

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